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KBS Inculcation is a music learning initiative founded by Sri. K. Sathyanarayanan in the year 2010. With the aim to share his musical experiences, aesthetics and techniques, KBSI has now become a family of over 100 learners around the world.


KBSI focuses on a holistic approach in understanding the nuances of Indian Classical Music. Students have the opportunity to learn keyboard and vocal music. A personalized and interactive teaching methodology has been curated for learners across all age groups to understand various aspects of this traditional artform. 

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KBSI has become a sought-after forum to learn Indian Classical Music on keyboard under the mentorship of our guru Sri. K. Sathyanarayanan who believes that -


‘Musical learning is a lifelong endeavor and every step in this process is progress towards understanding one’s self and the artform’.


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