Learning Western Music & Indian Classical Music on Keyboard

Learning Western Music on keyboard helps to an extent of handling and getting to know the instrument. It gives an insight for practicing fingering techniques which is used for Indian Classical Music to play Sathya's Style.

Frequently AskeD Questions

How different is playing Western Music & Indian Classical Music on Keyboard

Playing Western Music and Indian Classical Music is totally different. There are very few glides that are used in Western Music. Whereas, Indian Classical Music is a music which has a strong dominance of Glides and Nuances ( Gamakas ). Also, Indian Classical Music gives a lot of Value for the Words to be played the exact way its sung. Thus both these styles are very different to play.

What helps You playing the nuaces of carnatic music on keyboard

  • A Good Keyboard

  • A proper tone - Jazz Guitar is my Favourite 

  • Options like Pitch Bender, Portamento, Touch Sensitivity, etc.

  • A Teacher ( Guru ) who can understand you and knows the right techniques to bring the Nuances out of the instrument.

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