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K. Sathyanarayanan, popularly known as Keyboard Sathya is a Musician, Multi- Instrumentalist, Composer and a Guru. 

Sathya was initiated in music by his grandfather ‘Sangeetha Bhushanam’ Sri. Embar. Sadagopan. He has been fortunate to be mentored by stalwarts Sri. Mandolin U. Shrinivas, Kum. A. Kanyakumari and Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna in the Carnatic Music. Sathya was initiated in western classical music on piano by Smt. Massilamanie and Sri. Alphonse mentored him on keyboard. 

Trained in both western and eastern music, Sathya is a pioneer to adapt Indian Classical Music on Keyboard by integrating technology and dynamic playing techniques to bring out the core aesthetic of music. He has established Keyboard as a Lead Melodic Instrument in India. 

Sathya with over 24 years of experience in stage performance, has collaborated with stalwarts of the music fraternity and performed extensively in India and around the world. He was conferred the Highest State Honour from Tamil Nadu Government - ‘KALAIMAMANI’ Award at the age of 23. He is INDIA's FIRST ‘A GRADE’ Artist of ALL INDIA RADIO and an ICCR EMPANELLED Artist for Indian Classical Music on Keyboard. 

He is one of the world's youngest to finish GRADE 8 Examination from Trinity College of Music, London. Sathya is a LIMCA RECORD holder and has been conferred with several awards like ‘Keyboard Samrat’, ‘Asia's Wonder KID’, ‘Youth Icon’ to name a few. Sathya also holds a Post Graduate degree in Music.

Sathya has established KBS Inculcation, a music initiative with over 100 students globally, learning classical music on keyboard and vocal in Sathya's unique style. Today, Sathya is an inspiration for people across generations to take up playing Indian Music on Keyboard.

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